QMC Group – Construction Services

QUESNEL MOUNTAIN  is a true general contractor—a contractor that works directly for the owner, overseeing subcontractors and self-performing our own work. We act as a general contractor on nearly 60 percent of our projects, and with almost five decades of experience and one of the largest craft workforces in the Southeast, we have some of the most experienced and qualified builders in the country.

  Our skilled project teams are accustomed to self-performing structural and carpentry components on every project. This self-perform culture creates project managers and superintendents who are knowledgeable and experienced in the finer details of efficient and quality construction and the proper work flow for a productive jobsite.

We learned that we need more than a strong staff of pre-construction, project management and construction services professionals to deliver successful projects and build repeat business. So we’ve developed and put in place the right tools and processes to help our staff maximize our effectiveness.

  Our management is highly committed to building a working environment of teamwork and partnerships by doing the right thing, setting aside egos, establishing clear goals, effectively communicating and getting to know and better understand how our partners work best.

Since 2005, we have been committed to providing a broad range of quality construction services to our clients. Whether constructing a new building or re-habbing an existing structure, our wide range of pre-construction, construction and post-construction services are specifically designed to help a client meet each and every project goal.