QMC Group – Project Management

Construction management is an excellent alternative to the standard design-bid-build approach to construction procurement, particularly on large, complex projects involving multiple work areas and phases. As construction managers, we use our experience, knowledge, and resources to assist the owner in managing the overall planning, design, and construction of a project. From the initial planning to the completion of the project, we are the owner’s primary point of contact. We coordinate all project functions—including estimating, value engineering, construct ability reviews, project operations and management, scheduling, cost control, quality control, and safety—and ultimately deliver a successful project.

Our Approach

As a successful general contractor, we know that the best way to succeed as a construction manager is to perform construction management projects with the same staffing, attitude, and approach we apply as a general contractor. Our general contractor approach and mentality results in more efficient projects constructed in less time and with greater quality. Firms with only a construction management approach often lack the experience and knowledge that comes from working with their own crews. In addition, we are always mindful of the values on which our company is based: a commitment to safety, excellence, high-value products and services, teamwork, honesty, and integrity.

Our Services

Our construction management services lead to more efficient designs, increased budget confidence, lower bid prices, fewer change orders, decreased construction times, and higher quality. To achieve these results, we must be actively engaged in the project during both the pre-construction and construction phases. This participation goes well beyond reporting on the project’s progress and reacting to situations; it entails providing detailed planning, coordination, and direction. It also means ensuring effective communication among all project team members—owner, designers, general contractor, and subcontractors—and creating efficiencies in time and cost without impacting quality.