QUESNEL MOUNTAIN, an Iraqi owned and managed company, utilizes its unique approach to partnership in a variety of post-conflict and developing territories in Iraq to provide premier services with high-quality, experienced, and ethical personnel who operate under sound management practices, robust oversight, and adherence to the highest standards of professionalism and accountability.

This is underpinned by our proven past performance. All these factors, supported by our exemplary record of delivery, demonstrate that we possess the necessary technical and management processes and the requisite experience to meet and exceed expectations through our primary business lines of; Construction, Life Support Services and Logistics.

Founded in 2005; ُErbil based QUESNEL MOUNTAIN is an emerging leader in the provision of goods and services to public, private commercial entities and governmental armed forces; in challenging markets, with offices in Erbil and Baghdad.

Our operating principles are based on the long-term social economic objective of; “helping local people help themselves”. QUESNEL MOUNTAIN sees itself as a committed partner, determined to make a difference in IRAQ in which we operate; by fostering partnerships, providing employment opportunities and building capacity in the communities where we do business.


What makes us unique?

QUESNEL MOUNTAIN is uniquely positioned in its target markets to provide critical services to private, public, government and commercial entities, due to its proven ability to deliver quality project management and operational services in challenging environments, whilst utilizing the local work force.

How we work?

Our company’s approach has been validated in perhaps some of the most inhospitable environments including Iraqi government’s territories outside the KRG, in which we have completed numerous projects; on-time, within budget and to the satisfaction and gratitude of our international clients.

Our long-term goals

QUESNEL MOUNTAIN supports continuous improvement from the top to the bottom of its organization and ensures that a culture of excellence is underpinned by vetting, training and learning from experience. QUESNEL MOUNTAIN only accepts projects from clients who commit to the norms of international law and behavior’s and only works for legitimate governments recognized by and respectful of international law.